Commercial Real Estate Insurance

Get Comprehensive Insurance Solutions for Your Business Property in CA

At Olympia Insurance Services, we provide commercial real estate insurance to protect the property your business owns outright or leases, including building, equipment, tools, inventory, furniture, and more!

Protect Your
                            Valuable Business Assets with Customized Coverage

Protect Your Valuable Business Assets with Customized Coverage

Also known as business property insurance or commercial building insurance, a commercial real estate insurance policy covers the following:

  • Business-owned Buildings

    Commercial real estate insurance protects buildings that your business owns against vandalism, fire, or other covered perils. For example, if a windstorm blows off your building's roof, this policy will cover the cost of renovation.

  • Furniture and Fixtures

    This includes fixtures and furniture inside your rented or owned building. If someone breaks into your business and vandalizes your furniture, your commercial real estate insurance can help cover the cost of repair or replacement.

  • Supplies and Equipment

    If your equipment or supplies are stolen, lost, or damaged, commercial real estate insurance can cover the resulting loss. For example, if someone breaks into your establishment and steals your equipment, your commercial property insurance will kick in and help cover the cost of replacement.

  • Inventory

    Commercial real estate insurance covers your inventory. If a fire breaks out in your store and destroys a large portion of your inventory, this policy will cover the cost of replacing the destroyed inventory.

Exclusions to Commercial Real Estate Insurance

The following items/ events are not covered by business property insurance:

  • Goods-in-transit

    This policy does not cover business equipment while it is being moved to different worksites.

  • Damaged Customer Property

    It excludes damage to property that belongs to your customers.

  • Business Interruption Expenses

    If a disaster forces you to close your business temporarily, the resulting losses won't be covered.

  • Employee Theft

    If your employee steals money or items from a client, such loss won't be covered.

  • Malfunctioning Equipment

    Business property insurance does not cover equipment breakdown.

  • Destroyed Payment Records

    This policy won't cover expenses resulting from destroyed payment records.

Exclusions to Commercial Real Estate Insurance

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